• How to design a Power Automate flow for Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to make it deployable?

  • How to update survey on production using survey from another environment (Dynamics 365 Customer Voice)?

  • How to enable License Enforcement for Team Members before January 31, 2021

  • Unsubscribe link is added as output parameter to "Create Invitation" action in Power Automate with 2020 release wave 2

  • Open main form in a modal dialog from lookup by changing field properties

    Microsoft added new field properties for lookup fields with 2020 release wave 2: 

    If you select one of these options, it will open the related record or the create form within a modal dialog by default - without any need of writing code (navigateTo):

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  • How to modify Dynamics 365 Sales settings without Sales Hub

    If you don't have the Sales Hub installed, it doesn't mean that you cannot change the sales settings. Just call the following URL to open the setting, to change the settings for "Lead + opportunity management", "Productivity tools", "Chat and collaborate" and "LinkedIn integration": 

    https:// + [organizationUrl] + /main.aspx?pagetype=control&controlName=MscrmControls.FieldControls.CCFadminsettings

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  • How to switch the app after enabling 2020 release wave 2 for Dynamics 365

    After enabling the Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2, I discovered that the app selector, which have been opened by clicking on logo (default Dynamics 365) is gone. The new way to switch between the model-driven apps is to click on the currently open app name.

    Additional changes are: 
    • breadcrumb navigation has been removed
    • a back button is added to the command bar
    • command button to open the record set from an entity form has a new icon

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  • Command Checker to debug button rules and get solution layers

  • Next Best Action using Insight Cards and Power Automate

    In one of my customer workshops, we discussed about next-best-action as conversation topic to improve the one-to-one engagement. One option, which can be implemented without writing a single line of code, is using insight cards and Power Automate. The following example is about new online services, which should be recommended to customers, who are not using them, if they called the customer service. The topic should disappear from the list of topics, if the customer is not interested or an email for registration is sent. The conversation topics can be extended with additional cards like birthday or open positions. The most significant down side is that the assistant is click-intensive for the user on phone, and it will be difficult to use it for other use cases like support of Sales People during a business day - but possible using "Show for", "Ranking" and "Security Role". 

    Action create card for assistant V2 allows custom button logic

    There are several templates in Power Automate to create standard action cards for the assistant. But if you want to create an action card with custom button logic you have to switch the newer Power Automate action to create a card for assistant. In this example, I created a custom action to send an email with details about the service and a link to the register page of the new online service. This action card will be shown to all team members (it is a static GUID, but could be changed to the customer service team or even to the contact's responsible user). The user can dismiss it or send an email by clicking on the button. What if the contact registers to the online service after the action card is created? There should be a trigger based flow which will delete the action card after the attribute for the online service usage is changed to "Yes". The unique identifiers are the card name (which should be unique) and the regarding object (in our example, it is a contact). The following screenshot shows, how the topics would be listed on the contact form: 


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  • Retrieve more than 5000 D365 records by using pagination in Power Automate

    In my last article, I pointed out that the used method for the implementation of paging is very limited. It is possible to have a working solution for all purposes - only by adding a few new actions to the existing flow.

    NextLink contains skiptoken parameter

    We remember the fact that the list records action of CDS (current environment) always returns an @odata.nextLink property, when the defined filter criteria leads to more than the defined maximum page size (default = 5,000). If so, the @odata.nextLink URL value of CDS action will contain a skiptoken query parameter. This query parameter can be used to implement paging in Power Automate using CDS (current environment) action, even it is not recommended in the docs article. Just retrieve and decode the skiptoken parameter from the @odata.nextLink URL and use it as input parameter for skiptoken in List actions of CDS.

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